​​Ms. Sabrina Stephenson

(Kitchen Manager, Older Toddlers and Infant Room Floater)

Ms. Sabrina's favorite teacher was Ms. Freedman, because she was the best teacher at Bellast Point Elementary.

Ms. Sabina decided to become a teacher because she is being dealing with children since she was 10 years old.  She was a babysitter at 10, and working with children has always been her passion.

Her favorite part of being a teacher is kids smiling, and making them and their parents feel comfortable as they come in.

One "ah-ha!" moment she had this year was when her baby Sam figure it out how to pull the paper from a muffin.

Ms. Sabina hopes her students learn how to be respectful, kind and positive.

She loves working at St. Joseph's Child Care Center because of the kids and the staff.

Teacher Of The Month​