​​Ms. Joye Brown

(Young Toddlers B)

Ms. Joye's favorite teacher was Ms. Branes, because she was nice and sweet, and took time with her students.

Ms. Joye decided to become a teacher because she working with children, and teaching them life skills.

Her favorite part of being a teacher is the light you see on your children's eyes when they learn something, and their hugs and kisses..

One "ah-ha!" moment she had this year was when she finally saw Brooklyn paying attention when Ms. Joye was reading and sitting down with a book and trying to read herself, and Ms. Joye knew she finally caught Brooklyn's interest in books.

Ms. Joye hopes her students learn how to love themselves, and be kind to others.

She loves working at St. Joseph's Child Care Center because it's atmosphere.  Proof of that is that this is her 19th anniversary working at this center.

Teacher Of The Month​