​​​​Ms. Alicia

She was born in Belarus.  Her family has 4 teachers, her grandmother, grandfather, aunt and dad.  

She has a B.A. in Russian Language and Literature from the Belarusian State Pedagogical University and a CDA.

​She is being working in child care for 7 years.  Her favorite thing about teaching is seeing that smile and connection when she helps a child with something little as putting a band aid or learning something new.  According to Ms. Alex, Ms. Alicia is a very hard worker, she is consistent and positive on her work.  She is the type of person that you want to be around.

Ms. Alex

She was born in Jamaica.  She is been a childcare teacher since 2008.  She loves the development of young children and being a part of their growth.  She has an Associates Degree and a CDA from SPC.  She adores children and love to be a part of their growth and development.

According to Ms. Alicia, she loves to work with Ms. Alex because she always has a positive attitude and she likes to say a lot of jokes.  She is very nice and polite with her co-workers and parents, and always gives her support.  They make a great team.

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