​​Ms. Cookie White

(Older Toddlers Teacher)

Ms. Cookie's favorite teacher was Ms. Moseley, her 5th grade teacher, because she was nice, and when she got shot this teacher was at the hospital every day.

She decide to become a teacher because when she was younger she was always babysitting, and she enjoyed it.

Her favorite part of being a teacher is receiving hugs from her students.

One "ah-ha!" moment Ms. Cookie had this year was when Joshua finally found a matching pieces in the matching game.

Ms. Cookie hopes her students learn that they can do anything they want, if they just believe.

She is being working at St. Joseph's Child Care Center for over 15 years now, and she thinks this is a special place to work because of the coworkers that she got to work with over the years.  They are like a family.

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