​​Ms. Aida Cuello

(3 Years Old Teacher)

Ms. Aida’s favorite teacher was Ms. Luisa, her 2nd grade teacher, because she was very good to her, responded every question Ms. Aida asked her, and help her a lot.
She decided to become a teacher because she likes children and because her own childhood was very hard, and she wanted to know where she was lacking.
Her favorite part of being a teacher is helping the children when they need it.  For her, it is a personal accomplishment.
One “ah-ha!” moment Ms. Aida had this year was when Mara finally started following her demonstration of love and directions.
She hopes her students go to VPK writing their names and knowing the alphabet and colors.
She thinks St. Joseph’s Child Care Center is special because the administration is flexible and helpful in letting her and the other teachers do things with the children.

Teacher Of The Month​