Ashton Stefanczuk-Martinez - February 12

Kenzi Sallam - February 17

Calvin Cook - February 21

Liliana Dabney - February 24

Owen MacKail - February 25

Ms. Sandy Mushinsky - February 6

​Ms. Yordanos Teklu - February 12

Ms. Yey Guzman - February 18

Center News:

February, 2020


Please make sure that you are signing your child in and out everyday. 

Please check your child's folder daily.


St. Joseph's Child Care Center's is collecting school supplies to be donated to the children residing at Hope Children's Home.  If you want to help these children, bring your donations to the school.

Parent Advisory Board's Meeting

​​​Our next meeting for this new school year will be held on February  21st, at 12:00a.m.

​Your support is very important to us.  Come join us.


 We will be celebrating these events this month:

We will be taken class pictures on 
Thursday, February 20th.