Center News:

August, 2019


Please make sure that you are signing your child in and out everyday. 

Please check your child's folder daily.


Dollars for Dorian

Our school is running a new project called "Dollars for Dorian", in an effort to collect resources for victims of Dorian at The Bahamas, through the American Red Cross.

Parent Advisory Board's Meeting

​We would like to invite all our parents to come and join us during our monthly meetings.

​Our next meeting for this new school year will be held on September 20th, at 12:00a.m.

​Your support is very important to us.  Come join us.


 We will be celebrating these events this month:

Sept. 16 - Children's health 


Sept. 18 - Bit N Pieces Marionettes

                will present "The Selfish



Abrion Rivas - September 3

Syrenity Wilson - September 4

Thea Toole - September 7

Olivia Hannef - September 10

Dennis Sterling - September 12

Gwendolyn Johnson - September 14

Randall Chasten III - September 15

Jaxon Garcia - September 17

Sienna Smith - September 18

Cristaliyah Morato - September 21

Savannah Stanley - September 23

Brynley Duncan - September 27

​MacKenzie Loshin - September 28

Jaden Tran - August 27

Clara Cardisco - August 28

Teacher Jameka Johnson - September 10

​Mary Adams - September 22