Please make sure that you are signing your child in and out everyday. 

Please check your child's folder daily.

                             VPK Graduation

Our VPK graduation will be celebrated on May 14th, at 12:00pm.

We would like to congratulated our students and their families for reaching this important milestone.

We love you, and we are very proud of you all!!!

Parent Advisory Board's Meeting

​We would like to invite all our parents to come and join us during our monthly meetings.

​Our next meeting will be held on May 17, at 8:30a.m.

​Your support is very important to us.


 We will be celebrating these events this month:

​May 10th - Mother's Day Raffle

May 14th - VPK graduation.

May 20th - Yoga demonstration 


Fiona Kuba - May 13

Hannah Wolff - May 8

​Jelu Okafor - May 16

Brody Nordman - May 21​

Aliyah Vargas - May 23

Ananya Sharma - May 25

Center News:

May, 2019