Gaia Armstrong - October 12

Kimberly Sutton - October 14

Gerald Keefe - October 21

MacKenna Coakley - October 23

Reigh Gueits - October 25

Phoenix Montgomerry - October 26

Ms. Cookie White - October 3

Center News:

our Community Outreach Project, is going to run from October 15 to November 15.  we are planning to collect items like scarfs, gloves, sweaters, word searches, etc. to be donate to Fletcher Health and Rehab Center's senior citizens.

October, 2018


Please make sure that you are signing your child in and out everyday. 

Please check your child's folder daily.

Parent Advisory Board's Meeting

We had our Parents Advisory Board's Meeting as planned, and brand new parents assisted.

We brainstorm ideas and took decisions, to enrich the activities we offer to our children.


 The new events to celebrate this month are:

October 10 - Fire Truck visit.

October 24 - school pictures.

October 26 - Fall Festival.

October 31 - Halloween Parade