Vincent Cesario 7/20

Joshua Ray 7/10

       Gianluca Bengochea 7/16

Amaya Norris 7/7

Nielle Ellis 7/30

Austin Groves 7/28

Ariana Nimeh 7/16

Joshua Velez 7/25

Ms. Anna 7/08

Ms. Yolanda 7/10

Center News:

We are offering a new enrichment program called Twinckle bear dance class for girls and boys also the class is offered once a week. Flyers and pamphlets will be avaible your child's classroom. 

July 2017


Please make sure that you are signing your child in and out everyday. 

Please check your child's folder daily.


On 7/6 The Twinckle bear dance class will be doing a demo for the boys ages 3-5 at 10am in the Preschool classroom.
Silly Sam will be here 7/12 at 10am in the V.P.K Classroom.