Great Harris 9/10/16

Sienna Smith 9/18/16

Teni Akintewe 9/2/15

Thea Toole 9/7/15

Syrenity Wilson 9/4/14

Mia Parker 9/4/13

Ava Lamont 9/19/12

Justin Tabor 9/29/12

Ms. Martha 9/1

Ms. Mary 9/22

Center News:

We are offering a new enrichment program called  Webby  dance class for girls and boys also the class is offered once a week on Thursday's at 11:15 am for 30 mins. Flyers and pamphlets will be avaible in your child's classroom. 

September 2017


Please make sure that you are signing your child in and out everyday. 

Please check your child's folder daily.

Silly Sam will be here every Monday morning for 15-20 minutes in all of our classrooms including infants starting on August 14, 2017 the times will be posted in your childs classroom.

The P.A.B meeting will be September 15th at 12:00pm in the M.A.B building.