Part time for daily care

(Monday - Friday):

Three days/ 8-hour shifts

Two days/ 12-hour shifts

Full time is up to five days a week, Monday - Friday, up to 50 hours per week

Tuition Schedule


Due at time of initial enrollment, continues annually on the

First of October

Tuition is due the first day of the week your child in attendance, in the morning, at the time you drop off your child.

The center budgets for tuition on a year-round basis; therefore there is no reduction for holidays, absences, or vacations. Center costs continue for these days, and you must keep your child's tuition payments current in order to hold your child's space for you return after an absence. If you choose to withdraw your child due to an extended absence, we cannot hold your space. Your child will be placed on the waiting list according to the date of notification of intent to withdraw.

Center Holidays:

 New Year's Day

 *We will close early on New Year's Eve

 Memorial Day

 Independence Day

 Labor Day

 Thanksgiving Day

 The Day After Thanksgiving Day

 Christmas Day

 *We will close early on Christmas Eve

 If a holiday falls on a Saturday or a Sunday the center will close on either the Friday before or the Monday after the holiday as decided by center management prior to the holiday. Parents will be notified accordingly.

                                   Full Time               Part Time               Drop In     Infants

             Team Member    $229                          N/A                      N/A

             Affiliate              $237                          N/A                      N/A

             Community        $254                          N/A                      N/A


             Team Member    $223                          N/A                      N/A
             Affiliate              $229                          N/A                      N/A
             Community        $248                          N/A                      N/A


             Team Member    $182                         $138                     $60
             Affiliate              $189                         $151                     $65
             Community        $209                          $164                     N/A

Three's and Four's                       VPK

             Team Member    $175    $121              $141                     $60
             Affiliate              $182    $126              $145                     $65
             Community        $197    $142              $161                     $72