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Family of the Month
The  Franco's! 2023

Yiret and Reyal.jpg

Yiret (mom)

Reyal (Me!)

DW 1.jpg
DW 2.jpg

Our Favorite Activities:
Going to Disney and meeting our favorite characters from our favorite movies. 

NY 2.jpg
NY 1.jpg

Our Family Tradition:

Going to New York City at least once a year to visit family. 


Our Family Pets:
We do not have any of our own pets, but we love our cousin Ryce's doggies. Holly and Foxy being our favorites. 

Playhouse 1.jpg
Playhouse 2.jpg

Our Favorite Game:

Playing tea time and playing in the playhouse.

Encanto 1.jpg
Encanto 2.jpg

Our Favorite Movie:

Encanto, we love it so much we went to NYC to visit La Casita.

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